nephimg1The world of Nephilites.  A world that has always been around you,  yet mysteriously veiled for reasons and powers long forgotten.  Nephilites, beings that are half human and half angel, are divided by the choice of Light or Shadow.  Contact with the human race is forbidden except for a pilgrimage that is every Nephilite’s right of passage into their gifted communities.  They live in an uneasy truce (Treaty of Balance) that was formed by the two factions since the time when the veil that separates the spiritual and physical world was torn in two.  But when a past that had been carefully orchestrated to be forgotten is suddenly thrust into the forefront of the Nephilite existence, the powers of Light and Shadow are once again heralding the call to war.  A powerful gift revealed, an ancient secret exposed, the world of Neph and men will once again collide in a way that has not been seen in recorded history.

The Basics:

Nephilite DNA has a Spiritual component to it that allows all Nephs, Light or Shadow, to have abilities greater than any common man.  Nephilites age much slower than humans with an average life span of 120 years.  Their aging is drastically reduced in their 40’s and then begins again in their early 100′s.  All Nephilites have above natural human strength and posses an ability to fold into the veil and travel to any location the veil touches.   Nephilites also have genetic memories and the ability to share current memories.  Parents slowly awaken the genetic memory in their children so they are not plagued with events and nightmares of the past.  Once they are fully awake they go on pilgrimage to gain the right to form covenant in The Way of Light or of Casted Shadow.

The Way of Light:

nephimg2The Nephilites following The Way of Light have seven distinct gifts that come from the Light within.  Some have the power to heal, some to shield, some to understand and plug into emotions and read minds, some can move matter and energy around them, some can see the future, some can find that which is lost or hidden, and some can call in the Light with their voice.  Led by the Counsel of the Wise, they live in peace in the Valley of The Falls, a place that can neither be seen nor found by human eyes.

Casted Shadow:

The Nephilites of Casted Shadow have seven distinct gifts as well.  Just as the Light, Shadow Nephs have those that can see the future and find that which is lost.  They also have some that can steal life, some can become an enraged Brute of astronomical strength,   some can isolate fear and bring it up to incapacitating levels in their victim, some can channel the darkness in deeds for their purposes and some can take control of your mind through lies you speak.  Led by a single ruler simply known as The Shadow, they live in an ancient archive called The Den, dug deep into the side of a veiled mountain.


Nephilites marry within their community as agreed to by the Treaty of Balance.   Apparitor is a term given to those who do not develop one of the 7 gifted abilities in Light or Shadow.  There are some humans with dormant Nephilite DNA.  This DNA would have to be awaked by another Nephilite for them to evolve, but it is against the Treaty of Balance to awaken a sleeper.  It is forgotten why these sleepers exist, but awakening them has been outlawed since memories began.  Human’s that are exposed to light or shadow from the fold in the vale loose the memories they had before and right after they see the the light or darkness.



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